Basic studio hire – £ 30.00 per hour. (minimum of 2 hours) Includes brief introduction by a producer, setting of microphone levels and starting and stopping of the recording session. 

Studio hire + production – £ 40.00 per hour (minimum of 2 hours) a producer runs the recording for you, making sure you go home with a good quality audio recording.

  • Minimum studio rental is 2 hours and in blocks of 1 hour after that (no half hours or 15 mins)
  • Coffee and tea is available for free. Please do not take any drinks into the recording space itself. Bottled water is OK.

Basic editing – £ 14.00 per recorded hour of audio – A basic edit usually takes the length of your podcast + 1hr

Full editing – £ 30.00 per recorded 30 minutes of audio

Coffee/ tea: free

Lunch/ dinner/ snacks: we are in the same building as the fabulous Warehouse Cafe, which serves fantastic vegetarian and vegan food. The cafe is open every day except Monday.

Have a bite to eat before your recording session if you come straight from work, have drink and a chat with your guest before your interview to break the ice, or enjoy a nice meal after your session.

If you would like us to arrange lunch, dinner or snacks for you and your guests, please let us know: guests of our studio get a 10% discount on their total bill (Unfortunately, you can’t bring any food into the recording space itself though.).

For more information and availability, please email us at

*Prices listed are valid until 31st June 2019